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Welcome to Northern Colorado Farm and Ranch Real Estate.  
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 Northern Colorado is home to a wide variety of farms, ranches, and small agricultural acreages.  Weld County Colorado is currently ranked 5th in the United States in agricultural production.   In addition to farms there are many ranches available. From the open spaces of grassland that is good for pasture around the Pawnee National Grasslands to the sweeping meadows of the mountains. 

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of farmers in the late 1800s farmland in Northern Colorado is very productive thanks to a great network of water ways and water rights.  (though sadly as cities get bigger there are those trying to take those rights away).

I am Marc Oster and in addition to being a Real Estate Broker here in Northern Colorado I also farm.  More specifically our farm is located in the BEEBE draw area just southeast of La Salle, CO.  My family has been in the area over 115 years.  The farm I live on and still farm was established more or less around 1894.  In fact at my parents home there still is an original rock house of which my family first lived in when they moved to Northern Colorado.  I myself have been farming with my father since I was about 14 years old.  I guess that gives me the experience of 20+ years in agriculture.  We farm mostly hay on our farm.  centennial sign.jpg

Below you will find information about buying and selling farms, ranches, and small acreages in Northern Colorado. 

Some people have a different view on what's called a farm.  To me a farm here in Northern Colorado consists of more then 20 acres and has enough water to irrigate a crop.  A ranch to me consists of a large acreage that might or might not have any water rights and is mostly used to support livestock.   Either can have a home or residence on them.  In Northern Colorado there are many small acreages also.  Typically these do not have any water rights beyond a well.  Many people like these properties as there is some space and they can have a limited amount of livestock. 

What to look for when buying a farm in Northern Colorado.

The number one thing that gives a farm value in Northern Colorado are water rights.  What are water rights.  They are water rights that come from a river, irrigation company, or irrigation well.  There are many different types of water rights.  For example right now in most Northern Colorado areas irrigation wells are being heavily regulated and cannot be used that much.  So a farm that gets its water primarily from an irrigation well is losing it's value rapidly.  On my farm we have good water rights from the 1800s.  This means we are one of the last ones to get our water shut off from the river if the river level is low.  One thing to remember in Northern Colorado agriculture is that nearly all water you see.  Be it in a river, lack, stream is owned by someone and it is against the law to just take that water out using any kind of pump or anything. 

You also must consider the types of soil the farm has and the amount of water the water right allows you to irrigate with.  This amount varies with the type of water right. 

Consider also the mineral rights, oil and gas leases, under ground pipeline right a ways, and access issues when looking for a Northern Colorado farm or ranch.  ranchpic2.jpg

One thing to consider with ranch land once again is water.  But in addition to that the type of pasture available.  If you are wanting to run cattle or livestock.

 Later on this page I will feature a few good properties that are currently available in Northern Colorado. 

I primarily serve the Northern Front Range of Colorado.  This includes Weld County farms and ranches, Larimer County farms and Ranches and some to the North east up into Morgan and Logan Counties.  Depending on my clients needs I might go into the Sterling area as well. 


There is another aspect to farm and ranch land.  These are smaller acreages or what some call ranchettes.  Typically 3-15 acres.  Most of the time these do not have any kind of water rights with them besides a domestic well.  These are very good properties for those people that want to live and have a few animals or a garden.  


If you would like to begin your search for a Northern Colorado farm, ranch or small acreage I would be more then happy to help you find what you are looking for.  There are so many topics to deal with in looking for a Northern Colorado farm or ranch then can be covered in detail here.  Please contact me with any questions you might have.  In the meantime you can look at some featured farm and ranch listing at the end of this page. 


If you are looking to sell a Northern Colorado farm, ranch or small acreage then I would also be happy to develop a marketing plan based on what your property is and what your goals are.  This would include a webpage made just for your property that would be in the top 10 of most internet search engines within a couple of weeks.  I use video,  pictures and virtual tours to promote a property among with more traditional advertising which includes area farm and ranch publications.   This would be the most comprehensive marketing plan you can find of any farm and ranch brokers, who sometimes don’t even put properties on the Multiple Listing Service.


If you have questions for me call me at 970-302-1233.  For a great website for all kinds of real estate which includes farm and ranch real estate in addition to residential visit www.greeley-weldcountyhomesforsale.com.  You can also send me an e-mail by filling out the form at the end of this page.  Or through my website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page.  If you are wanting to buy or sell any Northern Colorado Farm and Ranch Real Estate just give me a call.  Most area farmers and ranchers know of a farm and ranch real estate agent.  Some who have been around for years.  Even if you do please give me a call to compare services.  It might be worth your time. 

You can also visit my Greeley Colorado RE/MAX website at http://www.weldcountyproperty.com/.


Marc Oster



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